《Why are wee by all creatures waited on?》约翰·但恩诗赏析

Why are wee by all creatures waited on?

Why doe the prodigall elements supply

Life and food to mee, being more pure then I,

Simple, and further from corruption?

Why brook'st thou, ignorant horse, subjection? 

Why dost thou bull, and bore so seelily

Dissemble weaknesse, and by'one mans stroke die,

Whose whole kinde, you might swallow and feed upon?

Weaker I am, woe is mee, and worse then you,

You have not sinn'd, nor need be timorous, 

But wonder at a greater wonder, for to us

Created nature doth these things subdue,

But their Creator, whom sin, nor nature tyed,

For us, his Creatures, and his foes, hath dyed.